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Financial Results/Outcome of the Board Meeting
FY 2021-22

Q1 FY2021-22
FY 2020-21

Q4 FY2020-21

Q3 FY2020-21

Q2 FY2020-21

Q1 FY2020-21

Outcome of board meeting, Sep 03, 2020
FY 2019-20

Q4 FY2019-20

Outcome of board meeting, Jun 30, 2020

Q3 FY2019-20

Q2 FY2019-20

Q1 FY2019-20
FY 2018-19

Q4 FY2018-19

Q3 FY2018-19

Outcome of board meeting, Nov 14, 2018

Outcome of board meeting, Sep 28, 2018

Outcome of board meeting, Aug 14, 2018

Q1 FY2018-19
FY 2017-18

Outcome of board meeting, May 1, 2018

Q4 FY2017-18

Q3 FY2017-18

Q2 FY2017-18

Q1 FY2017-18
Equity Shareholding Pattern
FY 2021-22

Q2 FY2021-22

Q1 FY2021-22
FY 2020-21

Q1 FY2021-22

Q4 FY2020-21

Q3 FY2020-21

Q2 FY2020-21

Q1 FY2020-21
FY 2019-20

Q4 FY2019-20

Q3 FY2019-20

Q2 FY2019-20

Q1 FY2019-20
FY 2018-19

Q4 FY2018-19

Q3 FY2018-19

Q2 FY2018-19

Q1 FY2018-19
FY 2017-18

Q4 FY2017-18

Q3 FY2017-18

Q2 FY2017-18

Q1 FY2017-18
Annual Report









Subsidiaries Balance Sheets

Jindal Photo Investments Ltd, FY2020-21

Jindal Photo Investments Ltd, FY2019-20

Jindal Photo Investments Ltd, FY2018-19

Jindal Photo Investments Ltd, FY2017-18

Jindal Photo Investments Ltd, FY2016-17

Consolidated Finvest & Investments Ltd.

Jindal Photo Investments Ltd.

Jesmin Investments Ltd.

Budhiya Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Remuneration Policy

Board Diversity Policy

Terms and Conditions of Appointment of Independent Director

Archival Policy

Policy on Preservation of Documents

Related Party Transactions

Vigil Mechanism

Nomination & Remuneartion Policy

CSR Policy

Familiarization Programme for IDS

Material Subsidiary Policy

Determination of Materility of Events/Information
SEBI Insider Trading 

Code of Conduct Insider Trading

Fair Disclosure and Conduct
Appointment Letters of
Independent Directors.

Mr. Sanjeev Aggarwal

Mr. Prakash Matai

Mr. Praveen Bansal
Unpaid Dividend


Notice for Meeting
FY 2021-22

Board Meeting Notice, Aug 2021

Board Meeting Notice, Jun 2021
FY 2020-21

Board Meeting Notice, Feb 2021

Board Meeting Notice, Nov 2020

Board Meeting Notice, Aug 2020

Board Meeting Notice, June 2020
FY 2019-20

Board Meeting Notice, Feb 2020

Board Meeting Notice, Nov 2019

Board Meeting Notice, Aug 2019
FY 2018-19

Board Meeting Notice, May 2019

Board Meeting Notice, Feb 2019

Board Meeting Notice, Aug 2018

Board Meeting Notice, May 2018
FY 2017-18

Board Meeting Notice, Feb 2018

Board Meeting Notice, Nov 2017

Board Meeting Notice, Aug 2017

Board Meeting Notice, May 2017
FY 2016-17

Board Meeting Notice, Nov 2016

Board Meeting Notice, Aug 2016
Public Notice Shareholders

Public Notice NSE, Sep 2021

Public Notice NSE, Feb 2021

Public Notice AGM, 2020

Public Notice for Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate on 22.01.2020

Public Notice for Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate on 02.07.2019

Public Notice for issue of Duplicate Share Certificate on 24.04.2019
Directors and KMPs

Appointment of Mr. Sanjeev Aggarwal as Independent Director

Resignation of Mr. Praveen Bansal - Independent Director

Appointment of Mr. Sumit Kumar as CFO
Access link to the refund webpage of IEPF Authority
Name of Nodal Officer: Sanjiv Kumar Agarwal
Designation: Managing Director
Postal Address: Plot No. 12, Local Shopping Complex, Sector B-1, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110 070.
Telephone Nos.: 011-26139256-65
Mobile Number: 9999009518
E-mail id: cs_cfhl@jindalgroup.com
Website: www.consofinvest.com
IEPF Shares Account

Dividend to be transferred to IEPF Account, 2011-12

Shares transferred to IEPF, 2010-11.

Shares transferred to IEPF, 2009-10

Dividend transferred, 2018

Dividend transferred, 2017

Dividend transferred, 2016

IEPF list of shareholders
Related Party Transactions

For the period ended 31.03.2021

For the period ended 30.09.2020

For the period ended 30.09.2019

For the Period ended 31.03.2019
Annual Return

MGT-7, FY2020-21

MGT-9, FY2019-20
Postal Ballot

Postal Ballot Result, Mar 2021

Postal Ballot Notice, Feb 2021
Delisting Intimation, 01.12.2021  
Closing of Trading Window, Oct-2021
AGM Evoting Result, 2021
Closing of Trading Window, July-2021
AGM Evoting Result, 2020
AGM Notice, 2020
Closing of Trading Window, July-2020
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Outcome of the AGM, 2019
AGM Result, 2019
AGM Notice, 2019
Outcome of the AGM, 2018 
AGM Result, 2018
AGM Notice, 2018
Outcome of the AGM, 2017 
AGM voting results and Scrutinizer report 
AGM Notice, 2017
Board meeting notice, Feb 2017
Outcome of the AGM, 2016.
Committees of Board of Directors 
List of Directors 
Notice of AGM and Book Closure 
Notice of Board of Meeting 
Result of E-Voting and Poll at AGM 2015.
Outcome of the AGM, 2015.
Result of the Annual General Meeting 2014.
AGM Notice 2014


Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct (As per requirement of Regulation 46 of SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015)
Share transfer agent/ Share Dept Address

Exclusive E-mail id for Investor Grievances: cs_cfhl@jindalgroup.com

Secretarial Department Address:
Consolidated Finvest & Holdings Limited 
Plot No.-12, Sector B-1, Local Shopping Complex,
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi - 110 070 (INDIA)
Tel: +91 011-40322100,+91 011-26139256
E-mail: cs_cfhl@jindalgroup.com
Contact Person: Mr. Anil Kaushal, Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Registrar and Share Transfer Agent Address:
Noble Heights, 1st Floor, Plot No. NH-2, C-1 Block,
LSC Near Savitri Market
Janakpuri, New Delhi 110 058
Ph.: 011-41410592-94, Fax: 011-41410591, E-mail: delhi@linkintime.co.in


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