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Financial Results/Outcome of the Board Meeting
FY 2017-18

Outcome of board meeting, May 1, 2018

Q4 FY2017-18

Q3 FY2017-18

Q2 FY2017-18

Q1 FY2017-18
Equity Shareholding Pattern
FY 2017-18

Q4 FY2017-18

Q3 FY2017-18

Q2 FY2017-18

Q1 FY2017-18
Annual Report





Subsidiaries Balance Sheets

Consolidated Finvest & Investments Ltd. FY2015-16

Jindal Photo Investments Ltd. FY2015-16

Jesmin Investments Ltd. FY2015-16

Budhiya Marketing Pvt. Ltd. FY2015-16
Notice for Meeting
FY 2017-18

Board Meeting Notice, Feb 2018

Board Meeting Notice, Nov 2017

Board Meeting Notice, Aug 2017

Board Meeting Notice, May 2017
FY 2016-17

Board Meeting Notice, Nov 2016

Board Meeting Notice, Aug 2016
Board meeting notice, Feb 2017
Outcome of the AGM, 2016.
Notice of AGM and Book Closure, 2015 
Notice of Board of Meeting, Feb 2016 
Result of E-Voting and Poll at AGM 2015.
Outcome of the AGM, 2015.
Result of the Annual General Meeting 2014.
AGM Notice 2014

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